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Announcements and News about Exam PL-300, Latest Updates on Skills Measured, Test Prep Tips and Exam Takers’ Experience

Basic Information About Microsoft PL-300 Exam

PL-300: Power BI Data Analyst is a new exam Microsoft released in later February to replace the old exam DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power. This is the required exam to pass to earn the Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification.

This exam measures your ability in preparing, modeling, analyzing, and visualizing data with Power BI to deliver value for an organization.

Microsoft PL-300 Exam Details

  • Certification Exam Name: Exam PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst
  • Exam Cost: $165 in the US
  • Prerequisites: Applicants must have a basic understanding of data repositories and data processing both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Exam Duration: 100 minutes (1 Hour 40 Minutes)
  • Total Questions: 40-60 Multiple-choice Questions (with 1 case study)
  • Passing Score: 70%

Skills Evaluated in Microsoft PL-300 Exam

Here are definite skills measured in the exam along with the percentage per their appearance chance in the final exam:

  • Prepare the data (15-20%)
  • Model the data (30-35%)
  • Visualize and analyze the data (25-30%)
  • Deploy and maintain assets (20-25%)

Updated Study Resources for PL-300 Exam

PL-300 Study Guide
Microsoft put out an official PL-300 Exam Study Guide.  The guide should help you focus your studies on what to expect on Exam PL-300 and includes a summary of the topics the exam might cover and links to additional resources.

PL-300 exam was updated on February 6, 2024. You can see the official exam topics Change log here.

 PL-300 Exam Prep videos
you can also watch some Microsoft PL-300 Exam Prep videos on the Microsoft official Exam Prep website called Exam Readiness Zone. Right now, there are a 4-part series videos on PL-300 Exam:

PL-300 Exam Exam Sandbox

For those who are not familiar with the current Microsoft Certification Exam format, Microsoft recently created a demo exam website called Exam Sandbox. Here you can explore the exam environment to experience an exam before you take it. In the sandbox, you can interact with different question types, such as build list, case studies, and others that you might encounter in the user interface when you take an exam. Additionally, it includes the introductory screens, instructions, and help topics related to the different types of questions that your exam might include.

 PL-300: Microsoft Official Practice Test
Mindhub provides the official Microsoft PL-300 Exam practice test. This test contains more than 170 questions which are designed to assess all exam objectives. You can choose to buy 30 days or 60 days access duration that costs you $99, $109, respectively.

New Book for studying for Microsoft PL-300 Exam
Packt Publishing has a PL-300 study guide published on June 24, 2022: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification Guide: A comprehensive guide to becoming a confident and certified Power BI professional by Orrin Edenfield and Edward Corcoran.

You can buy the book Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification Guide at Amazon.

Another excellent book for preparing for PL-300 exam is Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification Guide: A comprehensive guide to becoming a confident and certified Power BI professional by Orrin Edenfield and Edward Corcoran.

How to prepare for Microsoft PL-300 Exam

Passing Microsoft PL-300 Exam and thus getting an official Microsoft certification is a significant step for anyone who works with Microsoft Power BI. Preparing for the exam takes time and effort. Here are some tips for effectively studying for and successfully passing the PL-300 exam.

1. Master the fundamentals and Key Components of Microsoft Power BI PL-300 Exam

The best (and free) resource for preparing for PL-300 exam is Microsoft Learning Path for Power BI. There are more than a dozen of learning modules covering almost all the key components of the exam from install Power BI desktop to prepare, transform and analyze data to use DAX and visuals to design report and manage workspaces.

Make sure you follow through the tutorials and practice the examples using your Power BI desktop.

2. The Measure-Cram-Test three-step system works like a charm

The Measure (find gaps)-Cram (fill gaps)-Test (take exam) three-step system works like a charm. To best prepare the exam you first read the exam’s syllabus/skills measured and take a self-assessment test to identify your knowledge gap; then you study intensively in a short period of time to fill the gap. You don’t need to waste time on the areas you already know, you only focus on what require extra study, the areas that will be tested but you don’t know enough. After the effective and intensive study, you schedule to take the exam and you pass it.

Please be aware that Microsoft updates the content of PL-300 exam frequently, you should login to the Microsoft official PL-300 exam site to check and download the exam skills outline often before you go to take your exam.

3. Extensive fast-track training is better than slow study

The For preparing the certification exam, extensive fast-track study is better than slow learning. You may spend months or years to lean a new subject to understand every aspect of it, but to ace an exam you’d much better off using extensive and focused training in a short period of time. By concentrating on the most important areas of the exam, reviews the materials as fast and frequent as possible, you will not forget much content as you slowly move on with learning a new subject.

REMEMBER, you are study to ace an exam like cram for your final, so do it fast in weeks, not months.

4. Practice exam especially simulation test has the edge but choose yours wisely

If this is the first time you take on a Microsoft certification exam, you may find the questions are not only difficult but also kind of weird. So you better take a lot practice so you will be familiar with the test style, format and difficulty level.

Practice test especially computer-based simulation test engine is essential to prepare and pass the real certification exam. They will let you have an objective appraisal of your readiness for the exam thus to speed up your Measure-Cram-Test 3 step cycle discussed before. The practice will also boost you confidence once you are in the real test as well as reduce your exam anxiety.

But you have to choose your study resources wisely. The two most important criteria here are: reliability and to the point. The resources have to be accurate to give the correct answer as well as close to the real exam in styles, format and difficulty level enough to equip you well to actually pass the tests.

Experience and Tricks for Passing Microsoft PL-300 Exam from Test Takers

Vik Paruchuri writes in A CEO Explains How to Learn Power BI (Step-By-Step) in 2022:

“Power BI has a friendly graphical interface, but there’s a lot of complexity beneath the surface”. He believes to pass the exam, you’ll need hands-on skills.

  • Take Microsoft Power BI courses that will teach you everything you need to pass the PL-300 exam.
  • Get familiar with the key Power BI features and complete several end-to-end projects, then you’ll be ready for the PL-300 certification exam
  • It would take anywhere from 1 to 6+ months to learn Power BI and get certified.

In How to Crack Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate (PL-300) Exam, Sandip Palit writes:

  • Complete Microsoft Learning paths along with the hands-on to get in-depth knowledge about the exam.
  • You can also follow Microsoft Power BI youtube channel for regular updates about the new releases. Microsoft explain the various features of Power BI with hands-on labs.
  • The preparation timeline can vary between 2 weeks to 2 months, depending on your familiarity with Microsoft Power BI.
  • On the exam day, go through your notes.

In My Journey of Mastering the PL300 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification, Santhanalakshmi Ponnurasan writes:

“Upon successful completion of PL300, an online proctored examination, you will earn the prestigious title of Microsoft Certified Power BI Data Analyst.”

She described her online exam checking process as below:

On the day of the exam, I was instructed to check in at 6 am. I logged into my computer at 5.45 am to conduct a system test. At precisely 6 am, I initiated the check-in process, which involved capturing images of my desk and identification using my phone. After completing this step, I joined a queue and patiently awaited a proctor to verify my ID and review the photos. I was promptly greeted by a proctor who requested that I provide a visual inspection of my immediate desk surroundings as a means of verification

  • Prior to your exam, ensure that you verify if your system meets the necessary requirements to avoid encountering technical difficulties on the actual exam day..
  • Remember to utilize the sandbox to gain practical experience and familiarize yourself with the exam environment..
  • When encountering case study questions, it’s important not to feel overwhelmed. Instead of diving into the provided resources immediately, it is advisable to first read the questions and then search for the answers, rather than doing it the other way around.
  • Avoid constantly checking the timer during the exam.


  1. Microsoft Official website for Exam PL-300: Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst: here you can find the latest exam skills outline, as well as link to schedule the exam.
  2. Microsoft Learn: you can customize your path and have all the Microsoft Power BI related leaning modules.


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