Weekly SQL Server Roundup

The Weekly SQL Server News, Certification, Tutorials & Resources Roundup No.2 Hand-picked Content to Sharpen Your SQL Server Skills

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SQL Server News and articles

Microsoft boosts SQL Server machine learning services: Python and R are among the tools in the SQL Server machine learning toolkit. Native T-SQL scoring is also on the agenda, as uncovered at PASS Summit 2017.

SQL Server Certification and Career

SQL Server Career Paths: Author Daniel Calbimonte talks about different types of jobs related to SQL Server..
Surf’s Up! Learn How You Can Ride the Wave of Technology to a Better Career: MCT Andrew Bettany’s guest blog about his popular standing-room-only Ignite session.
I Thought I Was An Introvert. Turns Out I Was Anxious as #@*(: Kendra Little talks about her personal experience with anxiety with a drawing and a audio version (podcast).

SQL Server Tutorials and How-Tos

SQL With Visual Studio Code: SQL Management Studio can be a bit of a beast. Let’s see how to use Visual Code Studio instead in order to write SQL queries.
Defending Your Database From Ransomware: “don’t leave your door wide open”: this is still a topic worth discussing.
Synchronize Table Data Using a Merge Join in SSIS: This tip demonstrates one-way data synchronization in tables across SQL Server instances using an SSIS Merge Join.

SQL Server Resources & Freebies

How to Validate Email Address in SQL Server? – Interview Question of the Week #147: Panal Dave shows one way to find out valid and invalid email addresses in SQL Server.
Becoming a Query Performance Troubleshooting Expert: Become an expert in anything you need a combination of two factors: experience and knowledge. The first step is to watch the 77 minutes long video: from the PASS Summit:
Presentation Files for my Webcast on Troubleshooting Connection Problems: The slide deck and demo code of author Robert L Davis’ webcast “Troubleshooting SQL Server Connection Issues”.

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